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2. Turbo Reconditioning, repairs and Modification.

Turbochargers used on factory turbo engines manufactured before year 2000 are usually able to be reconditioned cost effectively. Each turbo is dismantled and the work required quoted before any repairs are done.
Some factory turbos have common faults which require modifications to eliminate to prevent repeat failures. These modifications are included in the repair process. The Toyota CT20 Surf, Ford BA Falcon Garrett and Navara Hitachi combinations are common examples of this.
Factory turbos on vehicles manufactured after year 2000 are often listed by the manufacturer as being non repairable, therefore a replacement unit, new or used, would be required. Not every turbo problem is normal wear and tear which means if you simply bolt on another turbo, without knowing the cause of the current problem, a repeat failure could occur in a short time. Because of this common problem we investigate the cause of the turbo problem and advise a fix process.
Aftermarket turbos from reputable manufacturers are normally repairable cost effectively.