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6. Chassis Dyno tuning of Diesel, Petrol and Methanol Fuelled Vehicles for on and off road use.

Modern computerised chassis Dynomometers provide the perfect measurement and testing facility when combined with road testing to achieve effective improvements on under performing vehicles.  Diesel engines have large differences in performance from new in the same vehicle type which is predominantly caused by different state of engine tune.  This problem has been around for the last 36years at least and will probably continue.  If a consumer is unlucky enough to buy a vehicle with below normal power, the problem is not normally fixable at the Dealers workshop.  Retuning of the engine is needed with a chassis dyno being used to measure results and compare to other vehicles of the same make and model to be sure the performance is normal.  Some vehicles will require modifications to give correct performance.
Most diesel engines respond well to periodic maintenance tuning every 100,000km to 150,000km to restore engine fuel efficiency and performance.  The Dyno again is used in this process to efficiently measure changes.
Petrol EFI engines tend to be factory tuned richer than needed with high fuel consumption.  Dyno testing before and after any changes will show the improvements even before any road testing.  With modified EFI vehicles using an aftermarket fuel system the Dyno is the only accurate method to set the engines fuel mixtures and ignition mapping.  With turbocharged EFI engines a combination of road and Dyno testing and tuning is used to reduce the risk of any problems causing engine damage which can easily happen if the dyno only is used.
Methonal fuelled vehicles are usually off road use only race cars used in speedway racing.  Some of these vehicles have no starter motor, clutch or gearbox which creates the need off a unique starting technique using a large engined motor cycle to rotate the dyno rollers and then the drive wheels of the race car to effectively push start the engine.  Once running the vehicle can be Dyno tuned in the normal manner.  Other types of offroad only vehicles also adapt well to Chassis Dyno testing and tuning.  Vehicles from go karts to single axle buses and trucks can be used on a chassis Dyno.