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8. Supply of New and reconditioned Retro turbo equipment for selected petrol engine cars made in Australia from 1964-1990.

A number of companies manufactured aftermarket turbo equipment to suit these vehicles using both draw through carburettors and electronic fuel injection.  The most notable of these companies were Normalair Garrett Manufacturing and Advanced Induction Technology.  Both were located in Melbourne and both were driven by the design brilliance of Mr David Inall.  This equipment was applied to Holden, Ford and Mitsubishi vehicles.  We have used this equipment successfully and developed durability and performance improvements and currently have a wide range of components both new and reconditioned.  Some of this equipment is shown in the photographs and information articles listed below.

Carburetted Holden Six Cylinder in Red, blue and Black versions.
149cu inch to 202cu inch 1963-1986 Click here for photo gallery

Grunt Grudge Match – Holden Torana
Normalair-Garrett Turbosystem to Suit Holden Six Cylinder

Carburetted Holden Eight Cylinder in Red, blue and Black versions.
253cu inch and 308cu inch

Normalair-Garrett Turbosystem to Suit Holden Eight Cylinder

Carburetted Ford Six Cylinder with Cross Flow Cast iron and Alloy cylinder heads and push rod valve operation.
200cu inch to 250cu inch 1976-1988 Click here for photo gallery

Car Australia – Falcon Quick Article
Normalair-Garrett Turbosystem to Suit Ford Six Crossflow
Garrett Turbosystems Ford 3.3/4.1 Litre

EFI ford Six cylinder with cross Flow Alloy Cylinder head and push rod valve operation.  Single and twin turbo versions.
250cu inch to 4.1lt 1982-1988.  Click here for photo gallery

Turbo Falcon Article

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